Thursday, April 09, 2009

Le Compotoir du Relais - When the inovation is actually the classic!

The beggining fo all this trend in Bistronomique basically started with Yves Canderborde, when he left Le Relégade, and decided to serve simples, classic, good food for affordable prices and his very charming Le Compotoir de Relais. This little bistro is located in the always charming Saint Germain area, close to the Odeon. The restaurant is a small “aquarium” style with a few tables outside where you can do one of the Parisians favorite sports: People watching. We set outside and it was a tad cold, no worries, they provided us with some blankets to our legs!

The service is quite Parisian, slightly rude but very efficient! The menu was vast and full of classic and a bit edgy choices. I was craving for a real patê de campgane, since I had arrived in Paris and could not resist when I saw that beautiful white porcelain squared bowl full of this Patê. It was a great choice, it was heavy and very deep tasting, with the forestry taste, with a great Italian bread toast! I could not eat it all, cause it was huge, but is great start for a large group to a taste of country France.

For main I had the belly pig, imagine a VERY thick bacon, I know it sounds disgusting, cause of all the fat part, but I promise it is not! The meat part was incredibly tender and moist, with a rich flavor; the fat part was almost creamy and was a interesting mix of textures with the more consistent part. It was lying in a bet of this velvety mashed potatoes, and covered with this tangy sauce, with a heavy dosage of butter! As French as it gets!

Also in the table it was order this galette (a young chicken, sorry!) , that was cooked very simples, baked, and served with potatoes. Nevertheless it had a wonderful light mustard taste a very crispy skin and was so moist that I wondered how that was possible. This is as classic as it gets, but sometimes is that you want from Paris?

Le Compotoir du Relais
Carrefour de l´Ódeon, 5
Paris (m: Ódeon)
Tel: 01 44 27 07 97



Gus said...

Hum...esse foi de mais!!!

Dea said...

Toda vez acabo de ler morrendo de fome!

Benedikte said...

We'll defiantly visit the places you've recommended. Thanks for writting in english.

Maybe all the post of restaurant abroad should be in english and then I will just let you guide me around to all the good restaurants when I come back to Brazil (2011 - have your b-day party in mid feb then I get to celebrate you and carneval, that will be in march that year :) )

Marcos said...

I went there too, and I also had the chicken with mustard crust!

It's fantastic!

When I went I had foie gras as a starter and the (pretty decent) house wine. About 2 litres.

Tuca said...

Bennie my dear,

Thanks for the visit! That is the idea for now on, if the post is from abroad it will be in English.

I have some more tips, I will send you the complete list via email, cause it will take a while longer to write about all of them in here.

I cant wait to have u here in 2011!!!

Kitu.... that chicken was indeed incredible... I will have the foie gras next time. Hope to be soon!